Patients Care

Healthy Habits are your Heart's Desire!

Exercise Regularly

it helps to strengthen your heart muscles and can help to reduce our risk of heart disease.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products can help to lower cholesterol.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking can damage your arteries and increase your risk for heart disease.

Manage Stress

Stress can increase your risk for heart disease.

Get Regular Check-Ups

It can help to detect any heart health issues early in order to prevent heart disease

Monitor Alcohol Consumption

Drinking too much alcohol can raise your blood pressure and increase your risk of heart disease.


"Excellent heart health is the foundation for leading a long and healthy life."

We have an experienced team of professionals who understand the seriousness of heart conditions and are committed to doing everything they can to ensure you get the best care possible.  Our team is dedicated to educating our patients on the importance of lifestyle choices and lifestyle modifications to improve heart health. We offer a variety of innovative, personalized treatments and strategies to help our patients get back to living a healthy life.

Emergency Services

We have an advanced emergency centre in the Nagpur with an acute chest pain centre, stroke centre. Ambulance services provide the same care as would be available in any well-equipped intensive care unit during the patient’s transit to the hospital. Our ambulance services are specially chosen to offer superior patient comfort with state of the art medical technology and expertise.

24 Hour Emergency Care


Our emergency call no is 09767893067, which can be accessed by any landline or mobile. A dedicated unit of para-medical staff controls the ambulance section round the clock.

Our emergency services provide the best of pre-hospital care for all the emergency calls that are received. The Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulance is manned by well trained emergency medical technologists and driver(s) who provide pre-hospital care at home en route to the hospital. The emergency medical teams are well experienced and have good knowledge in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support and skills of emergency management. The emergency medical team works under the guidance of the emergency department and has direct contact with the consultants of various disciplines for necessary action regarding management of an emergency patient.


A 24X7 pharmacy is available on the ground level for patients, at our Pharmacy Patients will be served by trained pharmacists who will counsel them on the proper use of the medicine, including the possible side effects and precautions to observe while on a particular medication. Patients can also get advice relating to their medicines, health supplements and other pharmaceuticals.

Quality Assurance Department

The Quality Department focuses on patient safety, quality, and having open lines of communication with the various departments in the hospital.

The department conducts training and awareness sessions across the various sections of the hospital and facilitates in enforcing the implementation of the standards. Besides this, internal audits are conducted to ensure compliance to standards. Interdepartmental coordination is sought for conducting the functions of the various committees in the hospital.

The department also conducts extensive research for identifying further opportunities for improving the quality standards. The Quality Department formulates the Quality Improvement plan for the hospital.


The dietician is a person with legally recognized qualification in nutrition and dietetics who applies the science of nutrition to the feeding and education of individuals in health and disease.

Nutritional assessment of patients is done and advice is given based on the assessment and life style of the patient by complying with physicians order. Group sessions are conducted for patients and their attendants in order to reinforce messages and clear doubts through discussion. We clarify nutrition related doubts on telephone. The hospital dietary services provide meals to the inpatients based on their nutritional requirements and we monitor and evaluate food service system and standards of sanitation. Low fat, low salt, low cholesterol, diabetic diet, renal diet, reducing diet and up building diet a special feeding regimen like tube feeding are some of the concerns of patients.

The department’s operational time begins at 09.00 am and ends at 07.00pm. And the Nutrition and dietetics clinic hours is from 09.00am to 01.00pm and 02.30pm to 06.00pm.

The department provides nutrition and dietary classes to nursing students and gives six months practical training to the dietetic students after completing the course.